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IDEA's Staff

Carolyn Castelli

Carolyn Castelli is the Publications Coordinator at IDEA. She provides administrative support to the director and is responsible for proof-reading all publications, brochures, and proposals generated by IDEA. She loves to read, swim and travel. An avid gardener, she grows tomatoes and a variety of herbs in her garden. Carolyn and her husband attend all of the UCLA men’s basketball home games.


Martin Lipton

Martin Lipton edits the written material produced by IDEA, including a weekly summary of education news. He was editor of Learning Power: Organizing for Education and Justice by Jeannie Oakes and John Rogers, and he was co-author with Jeannie Oakes of Teaching to Change the World and Making the Best of Schools, among other projects.


Jane Margolis

Jane Margolis is a Senior Researcher at IDEA who studies segregation within learning environments; gender and race socialization in education; and how inequality is produced in our society. She has received several National Science Foundation grants focused on these issues. She has built partnerships between higher education and K-12 to address inequities within computer science education. Jane is the lead author of two award-winning books: Stuck in the Shallow End: Education, Race, and Computing and Unlocking the Clubhouse: Women in Computing. She enjoys writing, visual arts, music, travel, and nature.


Nicole Mirra

Nicole Mirra is a Postdoctoral Scholar at IDEA who studies learning time, civic education, youth participatory action research (YPAR), and critical literacy. She earned her Ph.D. in Urban Schooling from UCLA GSEIS in June 2012. She has taught high school English in New York City and Los Angeles public schools, and is the coordinator of the UCLA Council of Youth Research, a university-school partnership program that supports high school students in Los Angeles as they become researchers of their schools and communities. Nicole likes to run and watch baseball!


Nery Orellana

Nery Orellana is the Art Director at IDEA. He designs brochures, posters, logos, murals and websites. Nery has a BA in Art from California State, Los Angeles, and worked with designer Saul Bass for five years. He is interested in a range of art forms, including painting, illustration, ceramics, block printing, and photography. Originally from Guatemala, Nery is bilingual/bicultural and enjoys learning about the world’s cultures, music and languages.


Marisa Saunders

Marisa Saunders is a Senior Research Associate at IDEA who researches the Multiple Pathways approach to high school education. A graduate of Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education, she is interested in the K–12 and postsecondary transitions and trajectories of underrepresented youth and the alleviation of disparities in students’ access to basic educational resources. She was the co-editor with Jeannie Oakes of Beyond Tracking: Multiple Pathways to College, Career and Civic Participation.

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