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The Futures project studied the trajectories of high school students.

Futures I & II 

A collaboration between UCLA faculty, graduate students and educators at a Los Angeles county high school, The Futures Project examined the trajectories students follow from the beginning of high school into their futures as citizens, community members, and workers. Beginning in 1998, researchers built an intervention/study around a class of 30 students of color at a Los Angeles County high school composed of students enrolled in the school’s AVID program in order to promote their success in high school and beyond. The project experimented with various curricula and strategies, including student research on recent graduates; summer seminars conducted at the UCLA campus; the study of oral history and the sociology of education; intensive writing coaching; peer tutoring; college fieldtrips; and monthly parent meetings. The work of the project focused on: 

  1. A college access research and intervention project aimed at promoting the college-going rates of the school’s students of color; 
  2. A collaborative research project aimed at engaging underrepresented high school students in educational research; and 
  3. An experiment in pedagogy aimed at shedding light on the possibilities for synthesizing the insights of socio-cultural learning theory, critical race theory, and critical pedagogy.
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