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Current Year

The 2010-11 Council of Youth Research began with a Summer Seminar.

Beginning in July, 33 local students have participated in a five-week seminar at UCLA to learn graduate-level research skills. Those skills have been put in practice as the students from Crenshaw, Locke, Manual Arts, Roosevelt and Wilson high schools go into their neighborhoods and ask what type of education does every California student deserve.


Summer Seminar

The theme for the summer seminar is the 10th anniversary of the Williams case. Williams

was a class-action lawsuit filed in 2000 on behalf of all California students. It alleged that the state and various agencies had failed to provide equitable distribution, especially in low-income neighborhoods, of classroom materials, safe and secure campuses and qualified teachers. The suit was settled in 2004.

Students are looking into the current state of education and "educational acts of courage,"

or how people are resisting the economic crisis and other factors to provide quality education. Areas of research include:

  • Quality Teaching
  • Learning Resources
  • Social and Physical Environments
  • Curriculum
  • Educational Leadership

    Online Survey

    As part of the research, we will be surveying California high school students. We'd like to expand our reach and invite students from across the state to participate and have their voice be heard. Click to fill out online survey.

    Sacramento Trip

    Students traveled to Sacramento to interview state Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O'Connell, Mayor Kevin Johnson, state representatives and lawyers involved with Williams v. California. More info here and photos of the trip here.

    City Hall Presentation

    Students presented their findings at Los Angeles City Hall on Friday, Aug. 6.

    Get to know us

    See pictures and brief bios of the Summer Seminar students.


School Year

The Council of Youth Research expanded on the work they began over the summer. They have spent eight months researching the educational conditions at their schools and in their communities.

    Community Hearing

    Students presented their findings and recommendations for improved urban schooling at the UCLA Downtown Labor Center on Friday, March 4. For more information, click here.


    The Council of Youth Research will be traveling around the country to promote their work as researchers and their specific role as youth researchers. Their next stop is the annual American Educational Research Association conference in New Orleans next month. The students will have five presentations during the April 8-12, 2011 conference.


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