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Jan. 29: Oral history series highlights Council leader

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  • 01-30-2012
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Antero Garcia, graduate student researcher working with IDEA's Council of Youth Research, was highlighted in NPR's StoryCorps series. 

"Dropout has thanks, not blame, for teacher" aired Sunday on NPR's Weekend Edition as part of the National Teachers' Initiative, which relates stories of public school teachers across the country. The initiative is part of StoryCorps, an American oral history nonprofit.

Garcia, a teacher at Manual Arts High School in East Los Angeles, was reunited with a former student who had dropped out of high school in his senior year.

Roger Ramos, now 22, was asked if anything could have been done differently that would have helped him stay in school.

" were a good teacher, and I always respected you," Ramos said of Garcia. "Some teachers, I kind of felt like they only wanted to teach a certain group of people. But you looked at me and you paid attention.

"Maybe it didn't get me to graduate, but there's a lot of teachers, they don't take the time to take a look. And it was never your fault."

Listen to the full conversation.

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