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Into the Loop

Research that examines access to college preparatory computer science classes in high schools with high numbers of African American and Latino students.

Into the Loop is a three-year National Science Foundation project (2008-11) which seeks to deepen the capacity of the Los Angeles Unified School District to offer and support high-quality, college preparatory computer science classes. The mission of the project is to: increase access to rigorous learning in high schools with high numbers of African American and Latino students; change culture and practice at the school and district level to broaden participation in computing; and develop a computer science reform model that can inform similar efforts to other school districts and states. 

At the heart of Into the Loop is a strategic university/K-12 partnership, the Computer Science Equity Alliance, composed of university educational researchers, university computer scientists, and high school district science leaders. This alliance has initiated:  

  1. the development and distribution of innovative computer science curricular materials; 
  2. working at the district level to impact policies that effect computer science teaching and learning; 
  3. increased access to college-preparatory computer science classes especially in schools with high concentrations of students of color; 
  4. has offered professional development for teachers and 
  5. monthly student support programs. 

The research foundation of Into the Loop is a five-year research investigation of computer science learning opportunities in LAUSD. The story of this research—a case study of how inequality is produced and how fields become segregated—is told in the newly-published Stuck in the Shallow End: Education, Race, and Computing (MIT Press, 2008).  

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