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Just Schools California

Policy makers, researchers, reporters, and community groups look to IDEA as a key source for information about conditions and outcomes in California’s public schools.

Just Schools California is a joint project of UCLA’s Institute for Democracy, Education, and Access (UCLA/IDEA), and UCLA’s Program in Public Interest Law and Policy (PILP).

Just Schools California supports a broad-based coalition of community-based groups, youth organizations, civil rights advocates, teachers, researchers, and policymakers eager to participate actively in providing Californians -- especially low-income students, English learners, African American and Latino students -- with high quality schools. We provide research necessary for understanding the conditions and outcomes of California schools and analyzing the impact of state policies. We also facilitate the deliberation and policymaking capacities of reform-minded groups and with the broader public through the media to ensure all students have access to an education that prepares them for citizenship, college, and a career.  The project’s goal is to inform and support changes in the state’s governance, funding, data, and accountability mechanisms, such that all California students have an opportunity to succeed in a rigorous, standards-based educational system.

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