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Legislature’s dilemma: suspending Prop 98

  • 10-07-2010
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Blog by John Fensterwald/Educated Guess

Legislators face the option today of passing a state budget that suspends Proposition 98 for only the second time in two decades, or of rejecting the budget and taking no action for at least another month, possibly throwing the state and those who depend on it for money –  school districts and community colleges included –  into financial chaos. It’s a very ugly choice, which may be why Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and legislative leaders have been keeping the public and even Sacramento insiders in the dark this week. Yesterday, lobbyists and those I rely on for information were running around for details. A budget conference committee hearing lasted half an hour. As of last night, there was no final bill to read. It’s going on 100 days into the new fiscal year. After months of posturing and waiting, the Big Five announced a deal last Friday. Now, there’s no time to discuss it. Is it any wonder Proposition 25, calling for a majority vote in the Legislature to pass a state budget, is on the November ballot? What I can say – and don’t hold me to total accuracy: (more…)
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