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Using "School Quality Reviews" to improve schools

  • 10-08-2010
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Guest blog by Monty Neill and Gary Ratner/Washington Post

Last June, Monty outlined a three-part assessment and evaluation system  for schools that should replace No Child Left Behind’s test-centric structure. This is the first of three articles that will describe in more detail how each component would work: School quality reviews, local assessments, and annual state tests in a few grades. Together, the three components would provide comprehensive evidence of school quality and progress. Often called “inspectorates,” School Quality Reviews (SQRs) are the central tool for school evaluation in nations such as England (which tests at a few grades), Wales (which tests only at grade 5, with no stakes), and New Zealand (which has only a national exam like the National Assessment of Educational Progress in the United States). This is a very different mind-set than in the United States. Instead of standardized test results, the core evaluation is a periodic comprehensive review covering the range of attributes parents and communities want for their schools. Here’s how it would work: (more…)

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