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Navigating the Politics of Detracking

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* This download is free and available to the general public. However, to address copyright issues, it is password protected. If you wish to download the booklet, simply send an email request to IDEA at, and we will send you back the password.

The authors thank Pearson Education for graciously making this publication available for download.


From the Back Cover:

Could your School District successfully survive the detracking process? The academic merits of detracking are well established, but there is still a great deal of emotional resistance when detracking theory becomes reality.

Navigating the Politics of Detracking walks you through a detracking reform case study in the fictitious Jermoe School District. Using examples from the successes and shortcomings of this district's fledgling program, you learn how to prepare your school and community for detracking reform. From parental protests to school board deadlocks, you gain the insight you need to hurdle the obstacles that often block the path to educational equality.

With a section on strategies for handling internal and external resistance at different grade levels and a recommended detracking reading list, this is the first book you should read if you are considering detracking reform for your district.

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