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Organizations Working to Promote Equitable Schools in California

Many groups throughout California are working to ensure that all students receive a high quality education that promotes social justice. Some of these organizations are led by young people, some are led by parents, some are led by educators and still others are a mix of youth, advocates and researchers.

Here we provide links and information about various organizations working to improve education for all students in California. You will find them listed under Social Justice Allies.

In a few states, grassroots organizations, civil rights groups, and civic organizations have joined forces to promote equity-based educational reform. We highlight three such efforts in the section titled Beyond California.

The third section, Research and Advocacy, provides links and information about groups conducting research in education in California. For links to specific research reports, please visit the Research section of this website. 

These three lists identify just a handful of organizations working for educational justice across California. If you know of others, please send us their name, contact information, and a 1-2 sentence description to

Social Justice Allies

Beyond California

Research & Advocacy


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