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2009 Educational Opportunity Report

Listening to Public School Parents

John Rogers, Sophie Fanelli, David Medina, Queenie Zhu, Rhoda Freelon, Melanie Bertrand, Jaime Del Razo

February 2009

CA-EOR-CoverThis edition of the California Educational Opportunity Report draws on state data along with public perceptions gathered in spring 2008 from a series of focus groups of diverse California parents. The report examines the relationship among educational goals, achievement, and conditions in California's public schools. It compares California's public schools to schools across the nation, and considers differences among schools in the state. The report also explores the gap between achievement in California schools and the aspirations of California's students and parents as well as the future demands of California's economy.

This report was produced by UCLA IDEA in partnership with UC/ACCORD. We examine the quality and distribution of educational opportunities across California's public schools. A broader set of analyses of educational conditions and outcomes, including reports on each California legislative district and reports on each public high school and middle school in the state, can be found online at





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